Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good Enough to Eat

The swapping bug has bitten me! I've signed up for several swaps in some of the craft groups I belong to on Yahoo and have been having a blast. At first I was sticking to the dishcloth swaps. They're quick, easy, fun, & you get something useful in return. (Some of the cloths I've swapped and the patterns can be found on my dishcloth blog:

Here is my latest swap creation. It's a pin cushion shaped like a donut. (And has zero calories!) I made it from this pattern:
I haven't sent it out yet. I just finished it last night so shhhh... don't tell my partner what it is! :) I really hope she likes it!!

But I think the most interesting swap so far has been the "Bra Purse" swap. (Yes I said BRA! LOL) The swap was inspired by the ladies of the Red Hat Society. My daughter Cyndi and I worked on it together, well Cyndi did most of the work, but I think it turned out great and our swap partner thought it was a hoot!
Instead of making a purse that would probably never be used... at least not in public, we decided to make the bra into something a little more useful. I came up with the idea of filling the cups with potpourri to make it into a "closet freshener." So now, I'm told, it is hanging in our partner's bedroom closet. :) So what's next on the swapping agenda? A Potpourri Panty swap to go with the bra purse of course! LOL


Here's a picture of the Panty Sachet I sent to my partner for the Creative Korner panty swap . I hope she likes it!

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