Thursday, June 10, 2010

2-D Butterfly

In honor of the 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust
Read more about The Butterfly Project

Materials: any weight yarn or thread (scrap amount in main color, 10 inch piece in contrasting color), hook size appropriate for yarn/thread used, tapestry needle for weaving in ends, fabric stiffener (optional)

Finished Size
Thread (shown above) with (US) size 7 steel hook: 2.5 inches x 1.75 inches (blocked)
Sport (3) with (US) size D hook: 3 inches x 2.25 inches (unblocked)
Worsted (4) with (US) size H hook: 4.75 inches x 3.5 inches (unblocked)

Special Stitches:
Picot: ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook

ch 5, join with sl st in 5th ch from hook to form loop

Row 1: ch 3, dc in loop, [ch 1, 2 dc in loop] 5 times, turn. (12 dc)

Row 2: 5 dc in next ch 1 sp (shell made), shell in next ch 1 sp, sc in next ch 1 sp, shell in each of next 2 ch 1 sp, sl st in top of beg ch 3 from previous row, ch 1, turn. (4 shells)

Row 3: {dc, in next st, 2 tr in next st, (tr, picot, tr) in next st, 2 tr in next st, dc in next st} (upper wing made), sl st in sp between shells, [dc in next st, 2 dc in next st, (dc, picot, dc) in next st, 2 dc in next st, dc in next st] (lower wing made), sl st in next sc, rep between [ ] for second lower wing, sl st in sp between shells, rep between { } for second upper wing, sl st in same st as last dc made. Fasten off, weave in ends.


1. Measure the center most portion of your butterfly from top to bottom (where the body would normally be on a butterfly. See Fig 1.) Fold contrasting color yarn or thread in half. Wrap folded yarn around center of butterfly from back to front. (see Fig 2) Tie an overhand knot close to top of butterfly as indicated in Fig 3.

2. Making sure not to twist the loop, place the folded piece around the center of the body and pull knot through the loop. (see Fig. 4) Trim antennae to desired length.

3. Stiffen as desired.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Made with Worsted Weight (4)

Made with Sport/Baby Weight (3)
Pattern designed and written by April Moreland
© 2010 All rights reserved


  1. That is very cute! I will have to try that out... Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Tell me more about the Butterfly Project . . . is there more to it besides this adorable project?

    I know that lots of schools make origami cranes and send somewhere to commemorate the wish of a girl. 1,000 Cranes, I believe is the project.

  3. I found this wiki info on 1000 Cranes:

  4. Hi Paula, the Butterfly Project is an exhibit in honor of the 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust. It will be hosted by the Holocaust Museum Houston in the Spring of 2013. They are asking for donations of handcrafted butterflies. Each butterfly will represent one child.

    You can read more about the project, and how to donate, by following the link at the very top of the post.

  5. Then i shall make butterflies . . . in honor of my father, a WWII vet and to honor the children.

    Is there any specific address to send them to?

  6. What a lovely butterfly! I would be happy to make a few for this great cause. BTW, what yarn did you use for the yellow/golden colored butterfly?

  7. Hello, I am new to reading crochet patterns and i am terribly confused. I have finished the first row and i see where it fits into the pattern but I do not quiet understand row 2. Could you help me? I would greatly appreciate it )

  8. I was looking for crochet butterfly patterns. Thank you for your pattern. I love it. I saw some on sale in Artfire.

  9. kassandra
    I remeber what it was like to not be able to read patterns. My instant messenger is lindebel on either yahoo or gmail. I am always on yahoo. i would be more than happy to walk you through and even show you how to do it via webcam.
    Hope to hear from you

  10. That butterfly is so cute! I ave to try it right now, thanks for sharing it with us!!!!

  11. Thank you so much for posting your free patterns and for all you charity work.
    I am a beginner and very confused trying to understand patterns. I want to give some of your cupcake bookmarks and do not know what the abbreviation BLO means. I cannot find it in any books or instructions. Can you explain. Thanks, again, Dene

  12. Hi Dene, thank you for your kind words. :)

    BLO means back loop only. This video does a better job of explaining it than I can do here:

    Hope that helps.

  13. April, thank you, not only for posting the great pattern, but also for linking The Butterfly Project onto your blog! I wasn't aware of this project until I found your pattern! I can't even remember when I stumbled onto your blog, but as soon as I clicked on the Project link I was thrilled and began making butterflies myself!!

  14. I have just made the 2 d butterfly in silk yarn as an embellishment for a crazy patchwork square. Its looks terrific and I want to thank you for your generosity in sharing this wonderful design. How small is the world....I live in Kolkata in India!

  15. Is a beautiful butterfly, thanks for the pattern. Excuse me for the bad English, I'm from Mexico

  16. April, you have, by far, the best crocheted butterfly pattern on the web! Thank you.

  17. April, you have, by far, the best crocheted butterfly pattern on the web! Thank you.

  18. Hello: I just found out about The Butterfly project and I will get to work on making some butterflies for it. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, it's beautiful and easy to do. I hope I still have some time to make and send my butterflies to the Museum. Thanks again and God Bless you.

  19. Thanks for sharing this pattern. I will get to work and make some butterflies to send to the museum. I hope there is still time.

  20. Oh my gosh these are so pretty! I was wondering, do you offer them in a PDF or Word Doc file? Makes it easier for me to follow. I been looking for a butterfly pattern. With your link with it of course! Leftie here.. :)
    Do you have any other projects that little items like this can be send too still?

  21. Thank you for this lovely remembrance. it is beautiful and appropriate. i intend to use it as often as I can!


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