Thursday, February 17, 2011

Early Taste of Spring

For the past few months this has been the normal scenery around here. Snow, snow, and more SNOW! The day I took that picture it was still early in the season and not nearly as cold as the temps later dipped. It just kept getting colder and dropping more snow on us. I didn't think we'd ever dig out!

But thanks to my son, and the snow blower, we were able to (barely) keep our heads above the snow. And now, finally, Mother Nature is giving us a hand with the snow & ice removal.

In case you can't see what the thermometer says... it's 50 (FIFTY!) degrees! Sweltering I tell ya! It makes me want to put on my shorts and run outside barefoot. Okay, I know that's a bit extreme, especially with all the ice, snow, and slush that is still out there, but this weather is giving me spring fever.

Sadly, the high temps are not here to stay. It will be below freezing again before the weekend is over. *sigh*

This nice weather, temporary as it may be, makes me hopeful that Spring is just around the corner. So much so that I couldn't resist a quart of strawberries from the grocery store. Being a bit before their season they were a little tart, but some sugar took care of that nicely.

Add some bananas...

and some whipped cream...

and Ben and I had a yummy breakfast!
I will be enjoying the last of our unseasonably warm weather tomorrow by organizing my craft room. It's actually a closed-in porch that acts as a 3 season room. I never really had a chance to get it set up the way I wanted it when we first moved in. I got about halfway finished when it became too cold to work back there.

As you can see I still have my work cut out for me. Lots of boxes and totes full of crafting goodies to find a home for...

I have lots of plans for the space. I will keep you all posted on my progress. Until then, thanks for reading :)


  1. Looks like you are enjoying the same kind of weather we are here in Grants Pass, Oregon. We don't get much snow but day before yesterday we work up to about 6 inches of the white stuff! It's melting but possibly another storm is coming in on Monday. and I was beginning to think Spring! Oh well...more time to be inside knitting and crocheting. Presently I'm working on a scrap sweater for my sister. Using up some left over will be her coat of many colors. I go the pattern out of Leisure arts book...Projects From Your Scrap Bag...there's several great patterns in this book. BTW...good luck with your "room"....looks like quite a project. I just redid mine last nice having it all organized...that's why I'm using up the scraps! Hope your snow continues to melt. Till next time....

  2. hi there buurrrr that sure looked cold to see all that snow. We have had volder weather here even though no snow it has been chilly. I got so hungry looking at those berries and bananas that I have to get some. :) I am doing more crocheting now. :) cheers...


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