Monday, February 7, 2011

A Meaty Proposition

A couple of weeks ago my son asked me to make him a "plushie" of a game character called Super Meat Boy. After I picked myself up off the floor (he's NEVER shown an interest in the things I crochet before) I happily agreed to make his plushie. And just because I was so excited about crocheting something for him, I also made Bandage Girl, SMB's favorite gal.

I finished them up just in time for his 20th birthday. Here they are, ready to be packaged up:

I wrote the patterns for them. You can find Super Meat Boy here, and Bandage Girl here.


  1. super-cute!! And tell me, did he absolutely love them?!? Great job, as usual, April!!! :)

  2. Very cute. They kind of look like DOMO. <3

  3. [...]My hubby absolutely loves Super Meat Boy, so when I stumbled across this free pattern I had to make one![...]


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