Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tiptoe Through the Tulips 4KCBWDAY2

Your task today is to either think of or research a project that embodies that house/animal.

The purpose of today's post is to sketch out the journey I take in deciding on a project. The honest truth is the path is different every single time. Sometimes it's a color combination I'm in love with, occasionally I see a pattern that I must make, or maybe I've seen something that inspired me to create an original design. Many times it's all of these things, and just as often it's none of these things. Here is today's journey...

Bee keychain I made several yrs ago.
(Sorry for the fuzzy pic!)

The obvious choice for a House of Bee mascot would be, well... a bee. But that might be a bit predictable, don't you think? No offense to the amigurumi makers out there, I do love a cute ami, they just aren't my first choice for a project these days. Unless of course there is an even cuter 5 year old saying "but I neeeed it mom mom!" :)

"Bees are busy and industrious."

I've always been fascinated by the above picture. I love the variety of colors and patterns. Lots of inspiration to be found here. I also can't help but think if I never gave any of my finished projects away, this is what my living room might look like!

Calendar 'Ghan Charity Project

The bee's busy and industrious nature stems from practicality. They are not selfish. They do what they do because it needs to be done for the good of the hive. But that's not to say they can't enjoy what they do. I love making afghans. I do that for me. And if my efforts can keep someone warm who would otherwise be cold, that can't be selfish.

"...can flit from one interesting project to the next 
as bright and shiny things capture their interest."

I absolutely love flowers. Of course the real ones are awesome, but they fade far too quickly. Wouldn't a crocheted flower garden be the perfect "mascot project" for the house of bee? So many individual projects to flit between. I came across this image from Betz White on Pinterest several weeks ago and immediately put the concept together in my head. I totally want a flower garden headboard!



  1. Cute! Flowers are a perfect Team Bee project.

    It's amazing where inspiration takes us sometimes.

  2. Your headboard will rock! Great posting. Cheers!

  3. Wow, that sounds amazing - can't wait to see all the flowers in the garden you create!

  4. Love the idea of a headboard! Made of flowers sounds wonderful but oh! all the ends that need weaving in. Unless you are one of those godesses that weave as they go. :)

  5. I have seen that photo before, and I think that room looks amazing. I think every crocheter should have a room that looks like this!

  6. What a stunning idea, and you can wake up in the garden every morning. its perfect for bees. Those books look interesting too, will find you on Pinterest and add them to my list x

  7. Wow! I think any bee would love your idea! :-)

  8. Thank you all for stopping by again today! It's wonderful to see so many happy faces :)

  9. Becky, I wouldn't exactly say "Goddess" but I do force myself to weave in as I go. (FORCE being the key word there!) If I don't I end up with too many UFOs. LOL

  10. Hazel, I'm not sure how I feel about the walls being covered, but I do love everything else about that room. I especially love the idea of those lampshades. :)

  11. Thank you Bev. I'm CrochetAmore on Pinterest and Ravelry. Feel free to add me! :)

  12. Dear April I've loved reading your posts this week and had to pop back to this post to comment because you inspired me to get the two books you mention here and they are fab - have been crocheting Samarkand Sunflowers ever since they arrived! Thank you so much for sharing. Clearly I am a bee too as I am supposed to be completing the next of my hooky bathmats but have been utterly distracted by the flowers! I love that crochet-filled room - where does the image originate? Ie who is the amazing crocheter who made such a gorgeous hooky-filled room?! Elizabeth x


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