Friday, June 27, 2008

Birdie Bookmark

Finished size: Approx 10 inches

(US) size F hook; small amount worsted weight yarn, small scrap orange worsted weight yarn for beak (6 strand embroidery floss may be substituted); tapestry needle; small amount fiberfill stuffing; 2 black seed beads; glue, small charm (optional).

**Do not join rounds unless otherwise instructed.


ch 2

Round 1: 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook.

Round 2: 2 sc in ea st around.

Rounds 3-7: sc in ea st around.

Round 8: sc2tog around, stuff lightly with fiberfill.

Round 9: sc2tog around, ch 40, fasten off.

Wings & Tail (make 3):

ch 2

4 sc in 2nd ch from hook, fasten off leaving a 6-9 inch tail for sewing.


Using scrap of orange yarn, ch 2, fasten off leaving a 6-9 inch tail for sewing.

1. Sew wings opposite one another onto the body between rounds 3 and 4.

2. Sew the tail onto the back of body centered between the wings and just below round 6.

3. Glue seed beads to the front of the body centered on round 3 for the eyes.

4. Fold beak in half so that the beginning and end of the chain are parallel, and sew into place centered vertically between the eyes and horizontally between rounds 3 and 4. (It may be easier to simply glue this piece into place.)

5. Glue or sew charm into place at end of Row 9 of Body, OR make a small tassel out of left over yarn and secure at end of Row 9 of Body.

Some other things you can do with this:
Do not ch 40 at end of row 9, leave the tail off, and add a magnet to the back for a fridgie.
Leave the wings and tail off and it’s an egg bookmark for Easter.

Designed and written by April Moreland
© 2008 All rights reserved.


  1. so cute, I just found your blog and love it.great stuff. thanks for sharing

  2. Just found you this morning. This is so cute! I will have to make it for my daughter. She loves to read and anything cute.

  3. so adorable ! absolutely love it. Do you have a pattern for a cow bookmark ? would be interested if you do. Thanks for posting this

    1. Thank you!

      I don't have a cow bookmark, but my daughter made one. Here's the Ravelry link:


  4. Love this ! can't wait to make it :) Thank-you so much for taking the time to post this


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