Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Faith... or lack thereof

God is like the big blue ocean; all religions and beliefs are like rivers and streams; human-kind is the drop of water. It doesn't matter which path a person takes, as long as they walk in faith and live in truth they will flow back to the big blue ocean.

Religion has always been a struggle for me. Ever since my mother pulled me by the ear to Sunday school, I never understood the mish-mash of information being thrown at me. None of it made any logical sense to me. I think the pivotal moment however, was when my sunday school teacher told me that my dog, Candy, would not be going to "heaven" with me, as dogs have no soul. What gave her the right to make that determination? I mean who made up these rules? What makes them think humans are any better than any of the other living, breathing creatures on this earth. Life is precious no matter the form it takes.

Then there is the issue of other religions. I find it hard to believe that in a world where so many religions exist, (many) Christians still have the audacity to believe thiers is the only true religion. Others are delusional in thier eyes and followers of those "Pagan" religions will go to hell for thinking otherwise. Well how can you go to a place you don't believe exists? I swear it's like belonging to a cult! The arrogance astonishes me.

I once asked my (brainwashed?) ex what he believed as far as religion. His answer started with, "Well, I was always told..."

I responded with, "Yes, I was always told the same things. But I do have a mind of my own and I've come to realize that those things aren't true for me."

His response was the "You will be judged" speech. How can one person be so narrow-minded? So un-accepting of someone else's beliefs?

My cousin was the first to introduce me to an alternative religion. I think one of the things I liked most about it was that you are held accountable for your own actions. It's ridiculous to "hand your problems to God" It's our responsibility to live life the best way we can... not as a puppet.

The Christians do have one thing right. There is only one God. But that's where the truths end. There are many paths to the divine. It's up to each individual to decide for themselves what that path is and how they wish to travel that path.

Just my little rant for the day, thanks for "listening." :)


  1. I must agree with you! I have often wondered how so many different belief systems can systematically insist that "their" path is the "only" way to get to heaven. How can ANYONE be so sure that EVERY OTHER path is the wrong one? Anyhow, I went to Sunday school, too - and I've developed into a Spiritual person, rather than a Religious person. Yes, I do believe there is a difference. To me, all organized religions are cults. That's not to say they are all evil, I don't believe that at all, but they are all "cults" - organized in such a way to be beneficial to the members, but mostly to the people in charge. Religious people can be spiritual people, too (and probably often are). I do not attend church. That does not mean I don't believe in the Eternal or that I am a bad person. I consider myself to be a relatively good person most of the time. I don't believe I need to attend church services to believe the way I do, and I feel that (IMHO) most of the churches around me are full of hypocritical people that like to tell others how to be, but don't necessarily follow their own rules; so I don't bother to associate with them. I don't begrudge anyone who feel fulfilled by attending church services, I applaud them. However, I don't feel the same sense of fulfillment, and I also believe that anytime you do the things that are right, whether or not you get a pat on the back, that's what is the most important. Not how many people see you at church on Sunday. Okay, now I just need to get down from this soap box! Thanks for listening to my rant!

  2. I also believe there are many paths to the divine. However, my belief diverges from yours a bit because I believe that at some point the entry to actually REACH the divine narrows dramatically and even becomes one path. So, while there are many rivers that feed into it, there is, at the head, only one river that enters the ocean, in my belief. This is my humble belief, only.

    Perhaps not of interest, but I have been shown something that I believe is truth for all. The reason we need our church groups is for the recharging of our Spirit that they provide. Do all people need such meetings? No. But if they do not attend, at least in my opinion, they are living selfishly because it is highly likely that they are comprised of stuff that is more like a generator than others. So, they should be at their meetings for the benefit they will bring to the whole. I believe Jesus Christ directed us to meet together for this purpose; to nourish one another... not just ourselves. So, this last paragraph was sort of sparked by Mel's comment. I hope it's interesting to you, at least.

    I'm enjoying your blog as I go back... I think I'm going to have to call it a night. I've enjoyed viewing your creations.


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