Friday, April 15, 2011

Death and Taxes

Ask anyone in the US what April 15th means and they will tell you without hesitation, that's "Tax Day". Doesn't matter if they owe money or are due a refund, it's ingrained in them to know what that little square on the calendar means. Even when the "big day" is moved forward due to a holiday or weekend, it is still the date that even those who can't keep track of birthdays and anniversaries will remember with certainty.

The only other sure thing in life, according to Benjamin Franklin, is death. This is why I thought it kind of funny, in an odd sort of way, several years ago when my mother passed away on April 15th. She and I weren't really close so the date usually goes by without thought of anything other than the anticipation of how I will spend my refund check. This year however, proved to be different.

Phil and I married young at ages 17 and 18. Much too young to be married really, but we thought we were beyond our years with wisdom. The marriage only lasted 5 years; 3 1/2 of which were spent separated. During the 18 miserable months that we were together, the only thing good to happen were our 2 daughters.

I haven't given him more than a passing thought over the last 25 years, so why is it now I feel such a sense of mourning for him?

April and Phil Moreland ~ March 6, 1983

Philip Henry Moreland
January 24, 1964 - April 15, 2011

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