Wednesday, May 16, 2012

She's Ba-ack

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted. I don't have much to say other than things are starting to look a little brighter for me. I recently bought myself a new computer to replace the one that died early last fall in what I call "the great carpet cleaning fiasco of 2011." I can joke about it now only because no data was actually lost. All of my patterns were safely backed up, plus the hard drive itself was not damaged. Phew! I have to admit though, it was pretty hard living without a computer for all those months!!

You may have noticed I just posted a couple of new free patterns. First is a washcloth that I made using "I Love This Cotton," hence the name "I Love This Washcloth".

And next is a pear shaped hotpad/trivet. The Pear Trivet is very similar to the Apple Trivet I posted in 2010. In fact they are almost identical. I changed the last row to make it a little more flat to give the pear the right shape. You could also use this for the apple to give it a flatter bottom. I also changed the leaf a little bit for the pear.

Pear Trivet
Pear Trivet as an apple
I do have some more free designs coming up soon, including the final installments for the Charity 'gahn CAL, as well as some new patterns for my Ravelry Shop. Everything is worked up, just need to write them up and test them!

Stay Tuned!

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