Saturday, August 28, 2010

Drop Dead Fred

My thumb is brown after all. :(

Whoever said you can't kill a succulent has never met me.

He was doing so well. I managed to keep him alive for 10 whole months with only minor mishap. He even had a little bud at the base of his stem. Life was good for Fred. But the move out here proved to be his demise. Well, not the move itself actually, it was me, I'm a horticultural murderess.

When we arrived in Ohio on Saturday afternoon 3 weeks ago all I wanted to do was escape from my cramped quarters in the backseat of Cyndi's Lancer. But in doing so, I left my healthy green companion sitting in the back window of the car, and thus subject to the heat of the car on a hot summer day. My absent mindedness cooked (literally) my poor little friend.

R.I.P. Fred, you will be missed :(

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moving Vans, Beef Lo Mein, & Birthday Cake

The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. ~ Lucille Ball

There have been lots of happenings lately on the Left Side of Crochet. First of all, our stint in Missouri came to an abrupt end a few weeks ago. To quote Popeye, "That's all [we] can stands, and [we] can't stands no more."

In short, the economy got the better of us.

So we packed up our gear, (including over 20 boxes of yarn!) and started heading East. We came to rest in a quaint little town in NE Ohio situated right on Lake Erie. It has that perfect little hometown feel. Not too slow as to be boring, but not too bustling as to feel frenzied.

It wasn't a random pick. We chose the area, #1, because it's a factory town with plenty of jobs for the taking, and #2 (and most importantly), because it is where my youngest daughter lives.

It's so incredibly good to have the family together again!

And just in time for my special day...