Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My New Hair Stick

Never let a 2 year old near your Blogger account! I just logged onto Ravelry and happened to notice my recent blog posts and thought to myself, "when did I post that?" I've removed the post, but if you missed it, it was just a link to a silly pattern I am making for a swap. I'll share the results when I've finished and it's happily in its new home. :)

Onto some other silliness:

My hair has been getting a bit long these days and I don't like it hanging on my neck unless the temps are cold, so during the couple of warm days we had last week I wanted to put it up but couldn't find a scrunchie. This is how I improvised... It stayed there all day and didn't budge!

Friday, February 19, 2010

What's In A Name?

I've been thinking it's time for another change around here...

When I updated the look of this blog a while back I had also considered a name change, but at the time thought it prudent to hang onto the Dishcloth Diaries label. I didn't want to confuse or lose anyone. All the links people have bookmarked to thier computers, not to mention the links on Ravelry, CPC, my sidebar... Yes, I was (and still am) feeling selfish for not wanting to change all of that.

But when it comes right down to it, Dishcloth Diaries just doesn't seem appropriate any longer. The name no longer represents me or the purpose of this blog. I haven't had a dishcloth on my hook or needles in quite a while, and well... I'm just plain getting bored with the name.

I've been trying on a few ideas just for fun. Let me know what you think!
It's Crochet By Me. (A play on the phrase "it's okay by me")

April's Crochet Palette. (If it works for my Yahoo! group it will work for my blog, right?)

The Left Side of Crochet. (One: because I'm left handed. And Two, because I think it sounds fun and quirky ;)

The Blog Formerly Known As Dishcloth Diaries (Nah... just kidding! LOL)

I still don't know if I'll actually do this. I do have one possible solution for the bookmarks/links/etc... I could just leave the URL as is and just change the name only. Hmmm... something to think about.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This year is whooshing by. I can't believe it is the second week of February already! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was promising new patterns and griping about New Year's Resolutions.

With all the inclement weather, the school closings, and just the general disarray I've been feeling very scattered. The weather has completely disrupted my routine. Laundry didn't get done today, the recycling is piling up, so are the puffies that need to go to the post office. I know my swap partners will understand if they are a little late, but it still stresses me to see them sitting here.

There are so many tasks that desperately need to be accomplished. Designs to be worked out, patterns to be written, WIPs & UFOs to be finished, and TONS of things around the house; cleaning, organizing, etc... I tried to make a to-do list but became overwhelmed by the enormity of the task.

And then, this past Saturday, on top of everything that's been stressing me, my Norton's 360 decides to take an undeserved vacation and allows a virus into my computer! Long story short, I ended up having to run my boot disks. Arrgh! I'm just glad I keep everything backed up on my flash drive!! It was a major pain in the rear, and took most of the weekend, but at least everything is back to normal now. At least with the computer anyway...

And now for just a little bit of eye candy...
Some Valentine Fridgies I made for a swap