Monday, September 21, 2009

Stage One Complete

A New Look for Dishcloth Diaries! I was getting quite bored with the "blah" look (sorry blogger) of the blog so I went looking and found this stylish daisy theme. It's probably a little darker than I would have liked, but most of the more colorful themes were just too bright and hard on the eyes. And besides... Daisies are my favorite flower!

One unfortunate side effect of replacing the Blogger template with one from an outside source however, is that all my widgets were removed! YIKES! So that means the table of contents with all the pattern names and direct links is no longer there. I will be working on getting that back in place, but it is a time consuming process as each link must be added one at a time. (If anyone knows of a quicker way PLEASE let me know. I will be forever grateful!) So for now I've added the "Archive" widget so you can look through that for the post titles/pattern names you are looking for. I have managed to get everything else back in place with relative ease so hopefuly you will be able to find what you are looking for. :)

There will be some other changes coming in the next few days. I've decided to merge Dishcloth Diaries with my other blog The Madness Behind the Method. You will start to see posts about my ongoing projects, as well as pics of finished items, things I want to make, swaps I've sent and received, yarn purchases, and lots of other fun crochet, and otherwise crafty, stuff.

I hope you all won't mind hearing more about what's going on behind the scenes! But if you do, I've added labels to all my patterns. If you scroll down on the right hand column until you come to "Labels" you can click on the "free pattern" link and it will display the patterns without all the chatter.

Well, that's it for now... talk to you soon!

ETA: I had changed the date on this post so it would stay at the top for a while to give everyone a chance to read it and know what's going on, but decided instead to let it reside in its rightful place and just tack a link at the top for easy locating.

ETA: Also wanted to say the Table of Contents is now in place. It went surprisingly quick! So everything is where it belongs. :)


  1. When I changed my background to a non-blogger one, my daughter helped me. I'm afraid it won't help now though because the html has to be saved before you upload the new theme.

  2. Love the new set up, it is very stylish :D


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