Monday, September 7, 2009

A Bug

I had such high hopes for my Labor Day weekend. With the long weekend I was hoping to get LOTS of crocheting done. But I ended up in bed all day Saturday, and lounging most of the day Sunday. It actually started friday night, I was unusually tired, I thought it was just from getting up so early all week with Ben so I went to bed early. Then in the morning I still felt tired and a little nauseus, and it just got worse throughout the day. Ugg. So I ended up sleeping all day Saturday and all night Saturday night. And was still a little queasy Sunday, although I did feel better.

Amazingly I did actually get some crocheting done yesterday (Sunday). I actually worked on something for myself! I didn't want to infect anyone with my germs if I was contagious! So I started my Pineapple Regency afghan that I've had on my WIM list forever. I'm going to love it. I'm using I Love This Yarn in Light Sage. The first square is finished. Oh boy is that square big! I think it's about 23 or 24 inches and takes pretty much one entire skein of yarn. I only have to make six squares for a twin size bed. But it did work up kind of quick so it won't take any time at all to finish. Now I just need to buy a bed! LOL

And I just realized, I forgot to post the CAL on Dishcloth Diaries this past Wednesday! ARGGH! The pattern has been written for over a week. Oh well... I will start it this Wed...

Here's the RR I finished this week. This thing took me FOREVER! It's somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-55 inches. I couldn't find my tape measure when I had it laid out. Need to do that before I wash it.

I found out one thing... I don't really care for making round ripples. LOL BTW... I did finish it off and weave in the ends! I wanted to get a pic of it to decide if it needed more of the cherry chip. I guess I probably should have added a few more rows. The raspberry seems to be jumping off the edge. It's only 5 rounds, as is the cherry chip on the border, but as with RH, the raspberry worked up much wider.

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