Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Move Over A.C. Moore

Since moving to MO I have so missed shopping the mill end bin at A.C. Moore. So when I was perusing the website recently and discovered that they sell mill ends, well I was thrilled! At $3.49 per pound, that's a bargain in itself. But wait... If you purchase in bulk (24 pounds) they'll knock 50 cents off each pound! Awesome! Oh but there's even more. With my CGOA Member discount, that brought it down to a mere $2.47 per pound, what a steal!

You all know me, I LOVE to buy yarn! So of course I couldn't pass up the bulk deal. I really encourage everyone to take advantage of this bargain basement price. A little warning though, you don't get to choose colors. These are mill ends, end of the run, leftovers so to speak. But all thier yarn is so great I know you won't be disappointed!

This is from the description on their website:

Do you need lots of yarn at a great price for a knit or crochet group, scout troop or charity guild? Are you flexible about the color? One Pound Mill End Bags are the answer! Each bag contains one full pound (16 oz.) of premium 100% acrylic yarn. Plus, all yarn is machine washable and dryable.

There wasn't one bag of yarn in the box I didn't like. It was mostly solids with a good mix between Simply Soft and thier Pounder yarns. There were 4 pounds of the Blue Teal ombre (the only variegated in the bunch) which Cyndi snatched up for a couple of charity 'ghans she has planned. My favorites were the bright orange and purple! Woo, gotta love that day-glo orange! (See pic below) I swear they were saving those colors just for me! :D

One other thing, don't let the shipping charges take you off guard if you decide to purchase in bulk as Cyndi and I did. The box of course was heavy, so it cost us a little more than $17 to have it shipped UPS. But averaging it out, that still put us at $3.21 a pound. A fantastic deal any way you look at it!

HUGE box of yarn! :)
Lots of Simply Soft & Pounder yarn
Cyndi's Blue Teal Ombre
Yes, I LOVE bright colors! :D
More yarn!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a haul! As you point out, if you average the shipping per ounce, you can easily see it is well worth it. Soon as I have enough for a nice order, I will take advantage of this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You're welcome. :) I'm already anxious to order again! But I'll make myself wait until I've destashed a little more. I fear if I buy anymore I'll be forced to move! LOL


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