Friday, September 18, 2009

My little get-a-way

Our shopping options are somewhat limited here in town. We have to travel to Springfield to do any "real" shopping. Even the Walmart there has a WAY better selection of pretty much everything than the one we have here. Plus there's also a much better selection of restaurants.

We ended up eating at the local chinese buffet (can't remember the name). The food was mediocre. We have finally accepted the fact that people in the midwest simply can't make good chinese food. I wonder what someone from Missouri would think about the awesome food at China Buffet or Hunan LaRose in Maryland?

Not so awesome food aside, I love our shopping trips. Even though I can't spend much money, it's still nice to get away from the house for a day. I usually spend the ride to and from crocheting. I made 3 preemie hats today for a charity challenge in one of my groups. Crocheting in the car just makes the time go so much faster. It's an hour ride each way, but it felt more like 20 minutes with my fingers kept busy!

Most of what you see in the pic below is DD's things, but I did still manage to spend almost a hundred dollars! I can't talk much about what I bought as most of it is for various swaps and holiday gifts. But needless to say... I did buy a LOT of yarn! :D

Hobby Lobby took the most of my money. They had some awesome new colors of ILTY so I had to buy some of that, and I of course bought some ILTC (my favorite). I also got some Sinfonia to try out, and some bright colored size 10 Aunt Lydia's. The thread is going to be a project for me. I saw this Basket of Butterflies a while back over on Crochetville and knew I just had to have one for myself!! So I'm going to attempt it. :)

We also went to Game Stop (for my son) and Michaels. I found this cool book in there. We had wanted to go to Dollar Tree but we were just too worn out! So we grabbed a drink from Sonic and headed home...

Yes Marie, that's the bag you made for me!
I love it and use it a lot! :) And looking at the
pile of bags here, I really regret not bringing
my Shopoholic Shopper bag that Jo made for
me! Rest assured though, on the next trip we
plan to go to the mall, and that bag WILL be
on the check list of what to bring that day!!! :)

The hats I made in the car. The blue one still
needs the last row. I like to border the boys
with a different color to add a little flair since the
scalloped edge is probably not very "boyish".

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