Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reversible Diamond Patterned Dishcloth

Finished size: 9.75"

(US) size 8 needles, 2 ounces Worsted Weight Cotton in desired color (Example was made using Sugar ‘n Cream’s Jute)

Cast on 41.

Row 1: k1, (p1, k1) across

Rows 2-5: Repeat row 1.

Row 6: (k1, p1) twice, k4, p1, (k7, p1) three times, k4, (p1, k1) twice.

Row 7: k1, p1, k1, p4, k3, (p5, k3) three times, p4, k1, p1, k1.

Row 8: (k1, p1) twice, k2, p5, (k3, p5) three times, k2, (p1, k1) twice.

Row 9: k1, p1, k1, p2, k7, (p1, k7) three times, p2, k1, p1, k1.

Row 10: k1, p1, k1, p35, k1, p1, k1.

Row 11: Repeat row 9.

Row 12: Repeat row 8.

Row 13: Repeat row 7.

Rows 14-53: Repeat rows 6-13 five times.

Row 54: Repeat row 6.

Rows 55-58: Repeat row 1.

Row 59: Bind off in established pattern.

Finish off, and weave in ends.

Design by: Cyndi Moreland
Pattern written by: April Moreland
© 2008 All rights reserved.

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  1. April,
    I really like this pattern! I have never gone back through your older posts, so I'm just seeing some of these patterns for the first time. My first thought upon seeing this diamond pattern was "Oh no, another one I just HAVE to do" LOL... of course, we know that's not a bad thing, right?


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