Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Caught Between the Dog & the Fire Hydrant

Oh boy... here we are in our new home state. I wish I could say it was the best thing that ever happened, but the fact is I'm less than impressed. It's been 4 long months and Damian (my son in law) has yet to find a job! At least Maryland is still letting him collect his unemployment! My daughter found a job but only part time. It's been a rocky beginning to say the least.

My savings is quickly dwindling to nothing, but the fact is I really don't think we'd have been any better off in Maryland. Yes, we would have a better income, but but the average rent is at least 4 times there what it is here. Financial issues aside, MO is really not a bad place to live. In the end I know we will be much better off having made the trek halfway across the country. The east coast is becoming so commercialized. The midwest is just a more laid back, relaxed, less pretentious atmosphere. Just a better place to raise a child, IMO. Besides, the scenery is gorgeous and we do see plenty of it as it is at least an hour drive if we want to go anywhere besides Walmart or Sonic!

I plan to resume my education this coming fall once I have received resident status. I just can't afford the out of state tuition costs. In fact, the number 2 reason (Ben of course was my number one reason) for moving out here with the kids was to attend the University of Missouri. I plan to study Library Science and there just wasn't an appropriately located school for me in MD. All the puzzle pieces are here, I just need to work on fitting them into the right places.

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  1. April, we have traveled all over this country, in fact we put over 40,000 miles on our vehicle last year alone, Missouri is our chosen place to retire. It seemed the just right temperature to crochet & knit scarfs, hats and afghans........oops and dishcloths, Ha Ha

    I love all your blogs


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