Friday, November 13, 2009

Chocolate & Raspberries

My latest finished ghan. It's for a charity challenge in Crochet Swaps Galore. It will be going to Patriot's Ridge Nursing Home in Ohio. The colors are from Red Heart. They are called Cherry Chip and Coffee, but they remind me more of Chocolate and Raspberries. (Yummm!)

I'm amazed at how quickly I finished this one. I started it this past Sunday on a whim. I would have finished it sooner than last night but I kind of wore myself out initially. I made 9 squares that first day! My hands were SOOOO tired that I didn't crochet for 2 days. LOL But I finally finished up joining the squares and putting on the border last night. I'm really happy with it. I think the colors are great. I hope it keeps someone very warm & cozy and feeling loved this winter. :)

And on a sad note... Fred is not doing so good. Well, his partner anyway. As it turns out, I think Fred was actually 2 plants. I had noticed the one side was looking a little droopy and dark, but yesterday when I went to pull one of the shriveled leaves off, they all went tumbling... *sigh* BUT the good news is Fred looks quite healthy and vibrant. Maybe I'll develop that green thumb after all!

Farewell Freda :(


  1. Your afagan is so pretty love the colors. Was a little worried who
    Fred was until I realized he was a plant. I need to name my houseplants but then it will be sadder when they die.

  2. So sad to hear about Freda, but happy that Fred is doing well. Of course your ghan will be loved by whom ever receives it. Who could not love it.

  3. The afghan is lovely, and I'm sure whoever receives it will be happy to have such a warm cozy afghan to curl up in on the cool winter days and nights.

    I have no green thumb whatsoever, that is why my flowers are silk on none at all. But so glad Fred survived!!


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