Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Playing With My Food

I love M&Ms. Not just for the chocolate, but also for the fun colors. I've been known to sort through an entire large bag eating all the brown ones first just so I can have a whole bag of nothing but the pretty colors. Don't get me wrong, brown is a nice color and certainly has its place, but just looking at all the bright colors makes me happy.

The colors have also been known to inspire creativity. Take last night for instance, I was quite inspired by the citrusy mix of colors that fell into my hand.

I started thinking about another granny square afghan. Or maybe hexagons this time. Oooh, how about Grandmother's Flower Garden. I've always loved that quilt design. Or maybe I'll come up with something on my own. Who knows? But first I need to choose the yarn...

I thought about toning down the colors a bit, but nah... the cornmeal is just not working for me.

Neither is the gold. Too fallish looking. Maybe with a burnt orange. But that's just not "me".

Okay, we're getting closer but that green is still a little too autumnal.

Eureka! I guess I'm just a bright and colorful citrus gal through and through! :D

Well, I have more than enough of the orange, but the green and yellow you see there is all I have on hand... so guess what? Yup, time to go shopping! But not just yet. There's still too many swaps, charity items, and gifts that need to be finished up for the holidays, so this one is on temporary hold for now. But I do see a citrusy throw in my post holiday future.

The moral here, if there is one, is don't be afraid to play with your food! You never know what unique design might be inspired. ;)

Do you think Picasso played with his food? Hmmm...

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  1. I sort, or play, with my food too. M&M's, potato chips etc. Got to eat the flawed ones first. Your plans sound great.


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