Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all!

It's another dark damp dreary cold rainy day here in Missouri. The weather has not been cooperating at all for more than a week. Even on the days that it doesn't rain, it's still overcast and cold & damp. tells me we are supposed to have a couple of warm sunny days early next week, but then it'll be back to the wet raining nastiness. *sigh*

As if the dreary weather wasn't proof enough that Fall is definately here, there are plenty of leaves to prove the fact as well. They're covering the deck. I'd sweep them up but they are too wet. I've been wanting to take pictures of some of my WIPs but the deck is so wet it's in no state to act as a canvas and inside it is so dark I can't get a good shot; the colors are just too off.

Here's a picture of Ben taken a little over a week ago just before it turned chilly. I had just taken the air conditioner out of the window and he saw it as the perfect place to sit and "watch" the outside. He LOVES to be outside. Even as an infant, the only way to settle him sometimes was to take him outside on the porch and just sit in a chair with him to let him be in the fresh air and watch the trees. He just loves it.

I did manage to get a picture a few weeks ago of some hats I sent to Jessica for her charity God's Tiny Angels. The design is mine. It's just a very simple pattern. I wrote it up in 4 different sizes and really need to get them posted to the blog for everyone to try. :)

I also made some scratch mitts and am working out a bootie pattern, but don't have pics or the pattern for them written up yet. Hopefully soon! :)


  1. Your hats look so cute -Is God's tiny Angels someone we could all make hats for?

  2. Thanks Vickie! The charity is run through a Yahoo group. This link should take you there.

  3. April
    I'm working on these -I have a problem I crochet big though and had to start over with a smaller hook! They are so small makes you think about these tiny angels.


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