Saturday, October 24, 2009

She's at it again...

I've said it before... I have crocheter's ADD. Yes, I am the Goddess of WIPs. I can't help myself. I'm easily distracted by pretty colors. :)

I thought I'd whip (was that a pun?) up a quick granny square the other day for my Multi Color Granny Square post. Then I liked the colors so much I decided I need to make an entire ghan in this colorway. So I have yet another Grannyghan on the hook!

This one will be for Cyndi to give her mother in law for Christmas. Kathy's favorite colors are green and purple, so she's going to love this one. It won't be a plain granny square afghan though. I'm playing around with joining smaller squares then bordering them to make a larger square. There will be a total of 6 large squares. I'll leave any further details a mystery for now... >:)

I haven't been working on the bright grannyghan lately. I'm still fretting over how to arrange the squares. *sigh* :(

We'll be going to Springfield today (Saturday) for some more yarn/holiday shopping. The last time we were at Hobby Lobby they had some new striped ILTY. I restrained myself at the time and only bought 3 skeins. I've been KICKING myself ever since. I found the PERfect project to use the stripes with. Not just one of the colorways... but 4 of them... all in the same project. Yes, it sounds ugly, but trust me... it will be totally AWEsome. I've even received Cyndi's approval, and trust me, that truly means something! :)

Then Sunday I plan to work on a join-as-you-go tutorial for traditional granny squares. I hope to have the tutorial finished sometime next week so be sure to look for that!

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  1. i love these bright blocks arranged the way you have them. are you considering adding the black? it is so cheerful and contemporary without it.


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