Sunday, October 25, 2009

Frugal Shopping & TONS of Pics!

We spent a very long and exhausting, but quite productive, afternoon in Springfield yesterday. After lunch at the Chinese buffet, we went to Goodwill where I scored ALL kinds of AWEsome finds!

First off I spotted this sweater. It's 85% wool so I'm going to try and felt it. I love its stripey goodness and can't wait to figure out what to create with it. But it will have to wait a while... we currently do not have a washing machine at home (we are working on remedying that) and our local laundromat does not have hot water. :(

Cyndi and I both spotted this adorable candle holder, but she was the first to grab it so it went home with her. I do have visiting rights though. :)

Spotting this Circle of Friends candle holder made me forget about the cutesy flowered one though. I've had my eye on one of these for the longest time. And now it's mine!

These are some things I picked up with my son in mind. He's very much into the celtic/medieval/dragon/sword kind of thing but without being kitschy. I gave him the cross right away, but the candleholder and basket I'll hold until Christmas. I could tell he really like the candleholer (the purple rectangular thing). He kept commenting on it but I told him I was keeping it. "It will be perfect in the living room," I said. I'm so evil! >:)

I also found some cool hand stamped stone coasters. The back of one of them is stamped and signed "Hand-stamped with love (C) Stamin' Up Tiffany". Thank you Tiffany, I just love them!

I just realized we got a lot of candle holders! Here is yet another one... A lantern to be exact. It holds a small tea light. I love the bright colors and the butterfly cutout.

I fell in LOVE with this bright orange martini style glass. Now I just need to buy a shelf to display it! LOL

Now on to the real reason we're all here... YARN! I bought 2 of each of the 4 stripes shown below. They are for the Mystery Project I mentioned in my last post. I don't know if I'm feelin' the Autumn Stripes though... It's a little too brown & drab for my taste. I may end up replacing that one with another bright one. BUT, I haven't given up on it just yet. It may look entirely different once it's worked up.

I did get more yarn than this at Hobby Lobby but I can't show it just yet as it's for a Secret Santa partner and I don't want to give away the secret. ;)

At Walmart I went a little crazy stocking up on the Red Heart. Our local store sells it at $2.59 a skein, but Springfield prices it at just $2 even! I guess because they have competition with all the other craft stores in town. Whatever the reason... I decided to stock up on some basics. White, Soft White, Black, Claret, Frosty Green, and Orchid. In total I walked away with 21 skeins. I was disappointed they only had 2 of the new RH colors. I was really hoping to grab some at the lower price. *sigh*

And last but not least, I just couldn't walk past the Halloween section without getting some yummies to fill the candy dish. :)

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